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to Work,to Life

Mar. 2015>>
Refactoring and splitting pm

Refactoring and splitting pm, as seven parts: pm pm.core pm.ui pm.modules pm.plugins pm.demo

Mar. 2014>>
About mixed-compressor

Compressor to open source,named mixed-compressor,as a grunt module,can be used to compress files and mixed file.

In my work project,used it to compress file,like

Oct. 2013>>
About github

To complete the creation of the github home page.

To reorganize my github,Plugins Modules rename as pm,to broken down into two parts,plugins and modules.

Begin to Create my github home page.

Jul. 2010 - now>>
Work experience

Mar,2017 - now

Create/To/For WWW

In Chong Qing,

Xbdun co.,LTD

... ...

Mar,2016 - now

To work, for GF->WF-XF.

Go back to Chong Qing.

ZBJ Network, Inc.

... ...

Mar,2014 - Apr,2016

For work, for life.

Cheng Du, TinmanArts.

When I was here,company’s website、company's mall,and bbs will be set up.

But only completed,



No bbs.

May,2013 - Feb,2014

To work, for create.

Cheng Du, MadhouseTech.

The first project,

Feb,2012 - Mar,2013

To work, for work.

Cheng Du, I'm coming.

PolyVi,I work there.

Began to work in mobile development.

Began to learn more Front-End technology.

Began to write my own framework, pm.

A very short one year,but learned a lot.

Jul,2010 - Feb,2012

To find work.

To face the new challenges.

I was the first find a work, we lived together, eaten together.It was a happy time.

ZhongShang Science and Technology as a Front-end Engineer. When I were to interview,about WEB, But I never to write Javascript. I went to the Internet cafe to download some information about WEB, the second day I went to take a written examination, and got 65, just to pass the exam scores. I want to thank the Yin who was my interviewer.

Work, Learn, Learn, Work

Then, I entered the WEB, as a Front-end Engineer.

HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, JAVA and so on,focus on the Front.

1992 - 2010>>
Learn experience

This is the education of China.
You have no choice.
You have many choices, too.

2007 - 2010

Continue to the darkness of the time, in Chong Qing University Of Arts And Sciences.

But I had my own computer, not only one, three, was stolen two. Begin to contact the program design. Perhaps was because the computer was stolen, I had to repeat learning the basic knowledge.

In University, I spend a lot of time on C#, .NET, C and C++.

In a fact, my major is to learn hardware, not software.

I don't konw why, but I know I had to.

2003 - 2007

3 years in Chong Qing Jian Li High School, and 1 year in Qi Jiang High School.

I was lost in this time, a bleak future.

I began to write novels, poems, during this time I had seen a lot of books about literature.

To continue like this, maybe I will become a wrier, but not a programmer, hehe hehe.

2000 - 2003

In 6 semesters, 5 headteachers.

3 semesters was in Zhuang Tang Middle School and the rest of the time semesters was in Gai Shi Middle School.

Grown up a lot, through a lot.

1994 - 2000

Primary school education.Jie Cun Primary School, later renamed Yu Ren. But we'd like to call it Tu Di Ya.

More funny, more junior partners.

I had crush on a girl, but never say.

2000, is a cross-century year ,I entered the new century.

1992 - 1994 Preschool education,that's right, I study for 2 years.

This is the education of China.

Sep. 1986>>


I was born! Hello world!

My parents gave me a name, called Luo xiong ,you can call me Luo.

Nice to meet this world, everything is so beautiful,la la la la la.

Nice to meet you, I can find you, can you find me?

Welcome,welcome to me.

Contact me    

Luo Xiong